Own photo business: 10 most common questions
1. From year to year my income remains at the same level, and I am tired of shooting the same thing. Can I do something else? First of all, you…

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Learn more about cost of cryptocurrency exchange software development from Merkeleon s developers
Video filming to order as a business
Having a business of your own today is a dream for many people. The idea of ​​working “not on uncle” for some becomes the main goal of their life. But…

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Own business: hosting company
Industrial society was replaced by post-industrial or, as it is also called, informational. The modern world is impossible without high-speed transmission of information, pigeon mail has sunk into oblivion, having…

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Do it yourself 10 types of needlework, which you can earn well

Production of designer jewelry

Jewelry is a product that allows many women not only to express themselves perfectly, but also to earn. An infinite number of combinations of materials and a creative approach to business in the complex provide decorations that are sold at a premium of 200-300%, although some entrepreneurs bring it to 1000%. Since jewelry is a product of impulsive demand, it sells well in crowded places, for example, in shopping centers and underground passages. On our website you can find a guide to opening an island format jewelry store, as well as a business plan for vending jewelry trade. However, this type of business is more suitable for trade in mass products.

Production of designer jewelry
For the sale of products from their own work from scratch, it is recommended to use popular social networks like Instagram and Vkontakte, as well as create a profile on websites selling handmade products like Etsy, “The Fair of Masters” and others. The reality now is that there are many ways to promote, so the main thing that should focus your attention is the originality and originality of the product itself. It is advisable to clearly define the direction, which is to the soul and to improve in it. It can be weaving from wires and threads, creating leather goods, bone carving and wood, beadwork, soutache embroidery and much more. The choice of ideas should not be limited to any templates. An example of inspiration is British designer Jeremy May, who creates jewelry from old books.
Bottles, tires and slippers

You want it or not, but in any needlework there are two main consumable items – it is the raw material itself, from which everything is done, and time. If you can’t do anything with the second item, then you can save a lot on the first item, using the material that is abundant today – for example, plastic or rubber. Today, junk culture (literally “junk culture”) is a global trend that allows creative people to earn on any trash: plastic and glass bottles, lost slippers, discarded tires. It can be beautiful and elegant, but useless things, or vice versa: clothes and shoes, decorations, furniture for home or garden, lamps and flower pots, and so on. There are a lot of ideas in this area, only the last ones are collected here.

Flip Flops Products
For a long time in Russia, earning on tires, which were used to create flower beds and figures to decorate gardens and house territories, was a success. But now this kind of creativity is not held in high esteem because of its primitiveness. Moreover, some large cities like Rostov-on-Don get rid of tires en masse due to the fact that they emit harmful chemicals abundantly, and for such an accomplishment the locals can earn a fine.
Manufacture of furniture for animals

If it is rather difficult to stand out in the market of ordinary furniture, then you can become famous with the furniture. One of the interesting directions is the creation of handmade furniture for cats. These are all kinds of clawboards, cat houses, stairs and even shelves and tables with tunnels. One of the designers from Hong Kong, who developed a whole line of cat furniture with tunnels, drew attention to the cats’ love of the latter. The idea is that inside the tables and bookshelves, she carved out moves where cats can climb, play or relax.

Manufacture of furniture for animals
Cat furniture
Cat furniture is made from different materials and objects: from wood and wicker baskets, old TVs and monitors, suitcases and cardboard boxes. At first glance, the idea of ​​cat furniture does not seem very viable, but this is not quite true. According to Rosstat, about 40% of Russians keep cats, the number of which is about 30 million, at home. It is also noted that an increasing number of people, especially those living in large cities, are beginning to treat their pets more reverently, not sparing money for them food, nor related products.

Creation of metaphorical maps

If you have the talent of an artist, you can earn money by creating metaphorical maps. Metaphorical cards are a tool for psychologists, which is used in the process of advising clients, as well as for self-study of various requests. Metaphorical cards are positioned as a highly effective tool, but in fact they are pictures in the form of playing cards. In addition to a rich imagination, you need the skill of associative thinking and the ability to submit your product.

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